Fundamental of Nursing Test Bank (Questions 41-45)

41. The physician prescribes meperidine (Demerol), 75 mg I.M. every 4 hours as needed, to control a client's postoperative pain. The package isert reads: "Meperidine, 100 mg/ml." How many milliliters of meperidine should the client receive?

a. 0.25
b. 0.5
c. 0.6
d. 0.75

42. Which of the following planes divides the body longitudinally into anterior and posterior regions?

a. Frontal plane
b. Sagittal plane
c. Midsagittal plane
d. Transverse plane

43. The nurse is preparing to help a client with weakness in his right leg get out of bed to a chair. Where should the nurse place the chair?

a. Parallel to the bed on the right side
b. Perpendicular to the bed on the right side
c. Parallel to the bed on the left side
d. Parallel to the bed on either side

44. A client who recently immigrated to the United States from Korea is hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns. He speaks little English and has been lying quietly in bed. Ten hours after his admission, the nurse conducts a serial assessment and asks him whether he's in pain. He smiles and shakes his head vigorously back and forth. Which nursing action would be most appropriate at this time?

a. Documenting that the client is resting quietly and denies pain
b. Calling a family member to obtain information about the client
c. Giving the client the prescribed
d. Checking vital signs and assessing for nonverbal indications of pain

45. A client scheduled for cardiac catheterization tells the nurse she is nervous because she has heard of people dying during this procedure. Which response by the nurse would be best?

a. "I don't blame you for being nervous. We all worry
b. "Don't worry. You're in excellent hands."
c. "Why do you feel this way? Do you know someone who had a problem?"
d. "You sound really upset. Would you like to talk about it?"

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