Psychiatric Nursing Test Bank (Questions 6-10)

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6. The most effective way for the nurse to set limits for a newly admitted client who puts out cigarettes on the floor of the room designated for smoking is to:

a. restrict the client's smoking to times when a staff member can supervise closely.
b. encourage other clients to speak with the client about dirtying the floor.
c. ask if the client puts out cigarettes on the floor at home.
d. hand the client an ashtray and state that he must use it or he won't be allowed to smoke.

7. The nurse at a substance abuse center answers the phone. A probation officer asks if a client is in treatment. The nurse responds, "No, the client you're looking for isn't here." Which of the following statements best describes the nurse's response?

a. Correct because she didn't give out information about the client
b. A violation of confidentiality because she informed the officer that the client wasn't there
c. A breech of the principle of veracity because the nurse is misleading the officer
d. Illegal because she's withholding information from law enforcement agents

8. Additive central nervous system (CNS) depression can occur when combining a sedative-hypnotic with which of the following drugs?

a. methylphenidate (Ritalin)
b. cocaine
c. amitriptyline (Elavil)
d. amphetamine (Adderall)

9. A client reports severe pain in the back and joints. Upon reviewing the client's history, the nurse notes a diagnosis of depression and frequent hospitalizations for somatic illnesses. What should the nurse encourage this client to do?

a. Tell the physician about the pain so that its cause can be determined.
b. Remember all the previous "health problems" that weren't real.
c. Try to get more rest and use relaxation techniques.
d. Ignore the pain and focus on happy things.

10. According to Freud's psychosexual theory, the ego has several functions. The primary function of the ego is to:

a. serve as the source of instinctual drives.
b. stimulate psychic energy.
c. operate as a conscience that controls unacceptable drives.
d. test reality and direct behavior.

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