Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Test Bank (Questions 16-20)

16. The nurse has been caring for a client with chronic paranoid schizophrenia for several months, including several one-to-one sessions. During one session, the client seems more anxious than usual, speaking rapidly and loudly as the session starts. This behavior indicates a possible change in which form of communication?

a. Appearance
b. Kinesics
c. Paralanguage
d. Proxemics

17. A client is brought to the facility in an agitated state and is admitted to the psychiatric unit for observation and treatment. While putting personal items away, the client talks rapidly and folds and unfolds garments several times. The client can't seem to settle down. Which nursing diagnosis is most applicable at this time?

a. Self-care deficient
b. Anxiety
c. Impaired verbal communication
d. Powerlessness

18. Sedative-hypnotic drugs are used to treat which of the following disorders?

a. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
b. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
c. Hallucinations and delusions
d. Anxiety and insomnia

19. What is the nurse's most important role in caring for a client with a mental health disorder?

a. To offer advice
b. To know how to solve the client's problems
c. To establish trust and rapport
d. To set limits with the client

20. The basis for building a strong therapeutic nurse-client relationship begins with the nurse's:

a. sincere desire to help others.
b. acceptance of others.
c. self-awareness and understanding.
d. sound knowledge of psychiatric nursing.

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