Pediatric Nurse Exam (21-25)

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21. A mother asks the nurse why her 12-month-old baby gets otitis media more frequently than her 10-year-old son. What should the nurse tell her?

a. The baby's eustachian tubes are shorter and lie more horizontally.
b. The baby is too young to blow his nose when he has a cold.
c. The baby spends more time lying down than his older brother; therefore, more dirt gets in the baby's ear.
d. The baby puts dirty toys in his mouth.

22. Before a routine checkup in the pediatrician's office, an 8-month-old infant sits contentedly on the mother's lap, chewing on a toy. When preparing to examine this infant, what should the nurse plan to do first?

a. Measure the head circumference.
b. Auscultate the heart and lungs.
c. Elicit the pupillary reaction.
d. Weigh the child.

23. At a previous visit, the parents of an infant with cystic fibrosis received instruction in the administration of pancrelipase (Pancrease). At a follow-up visit, which finding in the infant suggests that the parents are not administering the pancreatic enzymes as instructed?

a. Fatty stools
b. Bloody urine
c. Bloody stools
d. Glucose in urine

24. The nurse is caring for an infant with congenital clubfoot. After the final cast has been removed, which member of the health care team will most likely help the infant with leg and ankle exercises and provide his parents with a home exercise regimen?

a. Occupational therapist
b. Physical therapist
c. Recreational therapist
d. Speech therapist

25. A 2-month-old is brought to the clinic by his mother. His abdomen is distended, and he has been vomiting forcefully and with increasing frequency over the past 2 weeks. On examination, the nurse notes signs of dehydration and a palpable mass to the right of the umbilicus. Peristaltic waves are visible, moving from left to right. The nurse should suspect which of the following conditions?

a. Colic
b. Failure to thrive
c. Intussusception
d. Pyloric stenosis

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