Nursing Exam Practice Questions About Neurosensory System (1-5)

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1. When assessing the pressure of the anterior chamber of the eye, the nurse normally would expect to find a pressure of:

a. 5 to 10 mm Hg.
b. 20 to 25 mm Hg.
c. 30 to 35 mm Hg.
d. over 40 mm Hg

2. A white female client is admitted to an acute care facility with a diagnosis of cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Her history reveals bronchial asthma, exogenous obesity, and iron deficiency anemia. Which history finding is a risk factor for CVA?

a. Caucasian race
b. Female sex
c. Obesity
d. Bronchial asthma

3. The nurse assesses normal pupils in a client who has just been admitted to the intensive care unit after a craniotomy, and then writes "PERRLA" in the nurse's notes, along with other findings. What does the "E" stand for in this acronym?

a. Even
b. Equal
c. Elevated
d. Eye

4. A client is thrown from an automobile during a collision. The nurse knows that the client will be able to maintain gross arm movements and diaphragmatic breathing if the injury occurs at what vertebral level?

a. C4
b. C5
c. C3
d. C7

5. A client is admitted to the emergency department with a suspected overdose of an unknown drug. Arterial blood gas values indicate respiratory acidosis. What should the nurse do first?

a. Prepare to assist with ventilation.
b. Monitor the client's heart rhythm.
c. Prepare for gastric lavage.
d. Obtain urine for drug screening.

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---> Nursing Exam Practice Questions About Neurosensory System (6-10)

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